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Dunkelheit This Friday April Fools Party!

Dunkelheit is the newest alternative music dance party in Washington, DC. Dunkelheit means “darkness” in German and it will live up to its name by featuring the best dark electro music from the other side of the Atlantic.

This month in honor of April Fool’s Day, the DJs will be randomly throwing in songs from non-European bands. Don’t let them fool you! If you are the first one to notice a non-Euro song, then you will receive a free CD (DJ’s choice). Number of prizes will be determined by the number of non-Euro songs the DJs choose to play, so expect the unexpected!

The Guest DJ will be Dan Barrett of Worms of the Earth. Dan started DJing trance and psy-trance in '04 at house parties/raves and then got into producing music seriously and distanced himself from the rave scene. Dan is frequently denied DJ spots at goth/industrial events for playing too much new, hard music. He has DJed at Ascension, Bound, and Exposure. Expect to hear dark, upbeat, dance-able tunes that you haven't heard before, but will definitely want to hear again.

M!NDJacket will be the vendor for April. M!ndJacket creates custom screenprinted t-shirts for guys and girls. Expect to see lots of witty and interesting designs. Every shirt is just $15. Check out the current inventory at

Dunkelheit has two floors of music (dance floor upstairs and lounge downstairs), two bars, private smoking deck, and a kitchen serving up delicious food. Don’t forget to bring cash for the upstairs bar since credit cards are only accepted downstairs

Dunkelheit is located at Asefu, 1920 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Between T and U Streets). The club is Metro accessible from the yellow/green lines at U Street Station. Take the Vermont Avenue exit, walk one block on U Street and make a right onto 9th Street. There are also two small pay parking lots on the same block as Asefu as well as street parking.

Dunkelheit is open from 9pm to 2am. 18+ with valid ID. Cover is $5.

New at Dunkelheit: Free Birthdays! Since birthdays are the most important day of the year, Dunkelheit wants to honor free admission to anyone whose birthday falls on a Dunkelheit weekend. For example, anyone born on April 3rd, 4th, or 5th are our special April birthday guests. Please come out and celebrate!

For a moment you might forget you are in Washington, DC and think you are in Europe. Please come check it out and Tanz!
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