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Some Cool Stuff for June...

Looking back, the Metro has had a busy few weeks…

Carrying forward its new club night, Dunkleheit continues to draw a great crowd with a lot of energy & a good time had by all. Phoebe & Panic have done well by pulling together a smaller venue but playing to a more intimate crowd. In that, great music & a good vibe have filled the dance floor since their opening.

The previous week, we have to say that DC TNG hosted yet again one of the scene's best underground parties. A fantastic affair at Judy's saw a great afternoon with grills blazing & blenders blending. The food was fantastic, the hooka lounge was an awesome touch, & those frosty drinks made for a relaxed kick-off to the summer season. Bu things transformed later that evening as the level of play & social frolic continued to show why DC TNG is such a strong player in the adult & alternative scene. We'd like to thank Ariel & his whole team for making such a strong contribution to the DC Underground.  

And of course, DXS Rapture continues to pull a great night at their "speakeasy" location. Sure, permits are fully in place & the city has given it a full blessing to operate as a club. But it just has that cool feel where you go to a gate at a secret location & the guy at the door needs a password before you can even gain access. Inside it's just what you'd expect for such an underground venue: one of the scene's best BDSM parties, with DJ Wien providing a DJ line-up worthy of a mainstream club night, a light-fare buffet, open bar, & a level of play that is constrained only by one's imagination. Thanks to Brendan, Madam Ember, & a host of others for pushing forward with such a great venue. 

We also have to give one last round of thanks to British Lucky Paul & all those who made the Studio 54 Party so spectacular. The club was great, the people were absolutely beautiful, & the whole night was truly a return to form for an era that has long since past. The 70's were alive again for at least one night in May. Honestly, one of the best scene parties we've been too & we're glad to have been so actively involved in such a fantastic night.

To which, across town Goth Prom was also a raging success!  Tony & Dirty-B pulled together a fantastic night & continued one of DC's greatest traditions in high style. Indeed, this was a crucial event - for not only was it a glorious return to form, but it was also our last chance to prove that we can still pull the numbers to fill a venue as prominent as TOWN. Make no mistake, all expectations were exceeded in every regard.  Thank you Tony & Brian for your years of continued service to the scene, & congratulations for hosting such a spectacular evening. 

            As a special note, Goth Prom also saw the launch of a new business! Tony (promoter of Goth Prom & Co-founder of Alchemy) has recently launched a new shirt company doing specialty prints for a wide array of various interests. From mainstream, to corporate, to personal, to those in the scene - they can customize any print to your own desire. As a team of self-employed individuals, we highly support his efforts. Please check it out:

And let us not forget the 10 year anniversary party of Deep6 at Exposure with Das Ich & Red This Ever live. What an INCREDIBLE night! We haven't had that much fun since Nation closed - we look forward to future shows.  

Other venues continue to impress as well. Word has it that the B.E.S.S. Pajama Party at The Crucible was a good time had by all, & of course Camp Crucible was in full swing, but what can we really add to such a fantastic event that hasn't already been said elsewhere.

 Moving on to those venues more in the mainstream, Madam's Organ 80's Night w/ London Shadows has been pulling some great crowds for a mid-week venue, & Midnight has hosted a great line up of live bands throughout the month. Word has it that the Red & Black Ball hosted by Sugar (in Baltimore) was an equally awesome night. But all in all, these are only a few of the venues that have hosted impressive affairs throughout the month. And all this in just one month! 

So what's on tap for the rest of June & beyond?   Here are just a few highlights…

 Fri 12th - Baltimore TNG hosts Kinky Carnival at The Crucible. This is their largest play party planned to date! Event features carnival & side show entertainment, open play ALL night long, cash bar, light fare, & more!  Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are $35 at the door or $30 in advance.

Capitol Pride runs all week as the culmination of such events reaches its crescendo on Saturday the 13th when the Pride Parade dances its way through Logan & Dupont Circles. Later that night, TOWN hosts Ru Paul live, & then on Sunday Pennsylvania Avenue hosts the Annual Gay Pride Street Festival.  Not your flavor?  Then head up to Hampden & check out Hon Fest in Baltimore. There's just nothing else like it - so kitschy you'll think you're in a stage play of Hairspray! 

June 20th: DJs London Shadows & Nightshade bring back the Old Skool days with a special private party for local members of Arcane Delights & the DC Goth Scene.

Later in the month (Friday the 26th), DJ Panic & the folks at Bound host Xuberix live for a Kinky Bikini Party. Then the following night (Saturday the 27th), Midnight presents international recording artists FGFC820 - "bringing the 'thump' back to EBM!" 

Of course, Artomatic runs all month with a host of intriguing events throughout its calendar (check out the special presentation of Artistic Belly Dance on Friday the 19th, or Nuclearfest on Sunday the 21st), all which will reach its grand height on July 5th for the Artomatic Closing Party. Something along the lines of 4 bands, 5 DJ's, belly dancers, fire eaters, & more art than you cover in a day is planned - not to mention special career oriented seminars hosted by the beautiful & talented Ebony Tara Scurry of Eidolon Career Solutions!  Indeed, this is an occasion NOT to be missed. 

 But this is only a mere sliver of the many events planned for June & beyond.

Don't miss out!  For more information on these & a full listing of what else is going on (not to mention a ton of other cool stuff), check out our main site at - our calendar lists full details on all events, Club & Group sections carry a rundown of each host organization in & around the area, & further pages include regional & national resources - even mainstream organizations - plus more!

The Metro Underground serves as a fundamental gateway for the entire spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene, striving to provide a synergistic tool to help lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist in the promotion of the scene as a whole, & ultimately to provide a forum through which that bridges can be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next.   We hope you check it out… 

Rick (RichardAD)...
The Metro Underground.


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